Michelle Turner

My passion for health and wellness sprouted during my freshman year at UCSB, where I was introduced to new types of exercise. Over the next decade, I dabbled in various fitness routines, ranging from yoga and martial arts to circuit training and dance, ultimately finding myself completely infatuated with the world of aerial acrobatics.

Before I discovered my love for aerial, I was nearly exhausting my bank account keeping up with all my hobbies. It was then that Mikey brought up the idea of Santa Barbara StudioPass. Having experienced the physical and financial journey of finding my favorite form of movement, I’ve made it my mission to help others do the same in a more affordable and exciting way.


Mikey Turner

Being born and raised in Santa Barbara means different things to different people. To me, it means hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing year-round, with the most beautiful views in the world. I have a passion for all forms of movement, with a strong background in acrobatics and martial arts. I received my blackbelt in Hapkido at age 16 and continued on to perform as a professional acrobat in various productions, including appearances on MTV, NBC, and the Discovery Channel.

I want to share my passion for movement with as many people as possible, and Santa Barbara StudioPass allows me to do just that. My goal is to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones, get fit, and above all, move!

Whether it's for discovering your perfect fitness routine or for taking advantage of each and every form of body movement, Santa Barbara StudioPass allows you to try out different studios and fitness offerings in town. So get out, get moving!