Is it Santa Barbara Studio Pass or SB StudioPass or Studiopass or...?
We are Santa Barbara StudioPass!

Who are you guys?
Check out our
About Us page :)


How much does it cost?
$149 per month*

When will I get billed?
You'll be billed when you sign up and your membership will auto-renew on the same day of every month until you pause or cancel your membership
(Note: If your billing date does not exist in a given month, we'll bill you on the most appropriate date within the given month)

Is there a membership sign up fee?

Do I have to commit?
There are no commitments. You can cancel anytime by going into your profile and selecting the "Cancel Service" button. Once you cancel, you'll be able to book classes until the end of your current billing period

Is there a membership cancellation fee?

Can I resume my membership after cancelling?
Yes! When you want to return, all you need to do is log in and update your credit card information

Can I freeze my membership?
Yes! You can freeze your membership for 1 or 2 months at a time.


How many classes can I go to within the month?
You can book 3 classes per studio and 1 class per day
(Note: If a studio has multiple locations, you can book 3 classes per location, per month)

Do I have to book each class prior to attending or can I just show up?
You must book every class through the platform. If you show up to class without booking through Santa Barbara StudioPass, you won't be able to use your membership and will be asked to pay the studio's standard drop-in rate

How many bookings can I have at any given time?
You can have up to 5 bookings in your upcoming schedule (found on the "My Schedule" tab in the platform)
(Note: Once you attend a class, you have the ability to book another upcoming class to hit your 5 booking maximum)

What happens if I don't attend a class that I booked?
You will be charged a "No-Show" fee of $20.00 and will use up a booking credit for that studio in the given month
(Note: If you show up late, you may or may not be marked as "No-Show" depending on the studio's rules)

What is the cancellation window?
12 hours

What happens if I cancel after the cancellation window?
If you cancel after the cancellation window, you will be charged a "Late Cancel" fee of $20.00 but will receive back both your daily booking and monthly studio booking for that given month


What do I need to do when I visit each studio location?
As long as you've booked the class through our platform, you'll be in their scheduling system. Just let them know when you arrive that you're a member of Santa Barbara StudioPass and they'll sign you in accordingly. You must sign the studio's Release of Liability Waiver before entering your first class. The studios ask that you arrive early (10-15 mins) for your first visit to ensure this is taken care of. We also ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins (unless specified otherwise) to be mindful of class start time.

What time do I have to arrive to class?
We ask that you are mindful of each of our partner's' class rules and studio etiquette (including class arrival time and clean up).


How do I log in?
Either use the "Log In" button located on the top corner of this page or visit

Is there a mobile app on iOS or Android?
Not as of today but our app is built to be mobile-friendly on all devices!
*Suggestion: Bookmark our web-app and add it to your mobile device homepage



What are the 21 partner studio locations?
1) Aligned Pilates
2) barre3 Santa Barbara
3) Capoeira Sul Da Bahia
4) Core Sport

5) CorePower Yoga Goleta
6) CorePower Yoga La Cumbre
7) CorePower Yoga State Street
8) The Dailey Method Santa Barbara
9) Fit Buddha
10) Fitness with Rachel
11) IMX Pilates
12) Killer B Fitness Goleta
13) Killer B Fitness Santa Barbara
14) Mad Fitness SB
15) Paddle Sports Center (click here for details on classes and rentals)
16) Power of Your Om
17) SB Krav Maga
18) Spark45
19) Virtuosa Studio
20) Yoga Savi
21) Yoga Soup

*Price is subject to change without prior notice


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